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Efficient.  Urgent.  Results.

Welcome to the new home of HBM Enterprises LLC, the premier destination for cable TV and satellite installation service and consulting.  Whether you're a large MSO in need of contractor installation efficiency support or a small sub-contracting company looking for ways to streamline operations, HBM Enterprises is dedicated to making each of its clients more efficient, more responsive and more effective. 

HBM Enterprises is currently offering the following services to MSO's and Contractors:
--Installation Contract Review and Negotiations
--Work Order Management and Online Database Design
--Process Evaluation, Improvement and Implementation
--Risk Assesment and Management
--Sub-Contractor Solicitation and Qualification
--Documentation Review and Management
--Employee/Sub-Contractor Model Design and Implementation
--Inventory Management
--Communications Evaluation, Improvement and Implementation
--Invoice, Quality Control,  Inventory and Insurance Audits

For further information about these services and more, please do not hesitate to contact Ty Abrahams, President, at ty@hbmenterprises.com or at 727.421.5399.  We look forward to helping your organization.

Efficient.  Urgent.  Results.

What's new...

HBM Enterprises has secured exclusive rights to market, sell and implement JobPro, the industry's most comprehensive web-based installation management system.  For more information on how JobPro can reduce your operating costs while increasing your productivity, please contact Ty Abrahams at ty@hbmenterprises.com.
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